Online Vocal Coaching

The art of creating possibilities: for you, your voice and your body.

In the private setting of your own home. All you require is you, your computer or phone, stable internet and YOUR VOICE! In this online vocal coaching session you’ll get very concrete tools to sing whatever you would like. What would you like to create with your voice?


Living my dream!

For over 23 years I’ve worked with hundreds of singers&performers, from beginner to professionals. I use various tools & techniques that I learned during and after my education at the conservatory: complete vocal technique, connective tissue-stretching (fascia,) interpretation & expression and the ease of bodywork. People refer to me as a bodywhisperer.

My vocal coaching sessions are possible in both Dutch and English live in one on one sessions and (inter)nationally via zoom (videocall).


Stevie Wonder once inspired me to sing songs written out of love. Ever since I was a young girl I’ve enjoyed singing for others and touching them straight in the heart. Besides entertaining I also enjoy inspiring the audience with a touch of consciousness to encourage them to see the beauty in life. I sing my own written songs with a band, create soloshows in the theatre, sing Dutch songs with a guitarist and pop/soul with pianist.



I enjoy to be the right tone of voice for commercials (radio and tv), voice-response systems and corporate films. I am a voice-over in Dutch, English, German and French. I’ve worked for lots of brands such as: Dreft, Hunkemöller, Belastingdienst, Pink Ribbon, Postcodeloterij, BMW, Regiobank and Leaseplanbank. Besides being a voice-over, I’m an actress in various series and commercials.

Consciousness coach

I help people to actualise change. I invite them to change their points of view in all areas in life such as, relationships, money, body and business. I work with private clients, in groups and in trainings. I also give Symphony sessions to actualise change in the body. These are body work sessions, to rebalance the body, both physically and energetically.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me


Thanks for your nice, interesting and positive lessons. Thanks to the combination of different singing methods and bodywork I clearly started singing more free. Because of your positive, joyful way of working I never experienced any vocal limitation. Actually there weren’t any limitations at all. Thanks to your coachings I realise I am not too old to sing as “a young God”. Thanks for that!” – Jeroen Phaff – singer
A fabulous being and teacher, contagiously positive, determined to help you grow and doing so almost by doing nothing – almost. She brings her great expertise as a singer, actor/interpretor and a BARSfacilitator seamlessly together in her sunny and sweet kind personality, meeting every person with respect and an open mind and heart, offering them on the spot what she feels they could benefit from. And boy, what an amazing journey and privilege it is to receive a class from her as well as watch her teach. Fascinating and fun, really. (Singer, writer, composer)
I have vocal lessons with Daniëlle to prepare for auditions. Her lessons obviously help me to prepare vocally and also for my self-esteem. Danielle gave me tools how to deal with nerves. Her way of coaching is very pleasant and you get the space to be all of you (singer/dancer)
Hi my dear favorite ever songteacher! Something has happened to my voice… Something has opened up, and oh my- it feels fantastic!!!! You are SO great!!!!Hugs!
Norwegian actress/singer songwriter