Daniëlle Lous

Singer, Top Vocal Coach/Authorised CVTteacher, Voice-over & Public Speaker, Lifecoach

What contribution can Daniëlle Lous be for you? She’s a top vocal coach/authorised CVTteacher and singer songwriter. Also she’s a voice-over/actress and a public speaker. As a Lifecoach she provides tools to change life’s perspective. Daniëlle is an expert on singing, the voice in general, mind, energy and consciousness. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Daniëlle.

“When you start to sing in our galery, people stop talking, paintings start talking and the statues are gently moving at the sound of your voice.”

– David van der Linden, galerie Bonnard

Top Vocal Coaching/Authorised CVTteacher

Whether you’re a professional singer or recently started, when you want to get more out of your voice, you’ve reached the right spot. Daniëlle provides tools (for instance complete vocal technique) you can immediately put into practice, that are handy in use and work straight away. When you’re not based in the Netherlands, you can book your vocal coaching with Daniëlle online. Daniëlle gives masterclasses, workshops en choircoachings in the Netherlands and abroad. Feel free to contact Daniëlle.


Daniëlle is a singer songwriter. She has a duo (LieveLiedjes) with guitarist, plays often in duo with pianist and released her album (My song for you) with band in 2018. You can find her and her projects wherever you listen to music.


Daniëlle is voice actress and provides voice-over(s) for commercials, animation, corporate, autoresponse-systems & character, in Dutch, English, German and French.

Daniëlle records in her own studio and other studio’s.

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Public Speaker

Daniëlle is a public speaker at concerts, weddings and funerals. She writes the texts (or ceremony), makes sure all ingredients are intertwined and hits the right tone of voice. When required she interacts with the audience (often combined with singing).

Life coaching, Mindset en Energy

With curiosity as the fuel for possibilities, Daniëlle is providing tools to allow you to find a whole new perspective. Are you hungry to feel more certain, at ease and experience more fun? Feel free to contact Daniëlle.

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